Police Ambassador

Aims & Objectives

  • To harness every available resource to promote quality academic pursuit for the purpose of high academic excellence in Police Secondary School Minna.
  • To foster greater unity among all Ex-students and Police Secondary School Minna, by bridging any gap that has existed among them through various academic programmes and social activities.
  • To encourage, organize, plan and execute programmes that would contribute immensely in the buildup of trustworthy future leaders of our nation.
  • To assist in every possible way in the maintenance and development of Police Secondary School Minna.
  • To educate students of higher institutions on the relevance of the Police force in order to strengthen the relationship of the students toward the Police Force through our various forums in the higher institutions.
  • To encourage a stronger and better relationship that exists between the Nigeria Police and the wider society.
  • To promote unity and speak unequivocally against any form of human oppression, victimization, indiscipline or misconduct without fear or favour.
  • To lead a good and exemplary profile amongst students and seek support from the Police Force and other organisations.
  • To be good ambassadors of the Nigerian Police Force anywhere we find ourselves.
  • To assist the Police in its course of crime prevention and security consciousness.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission – To contribute to the development of Police Secondary School Minna, its students and the society at large while projecting the image of the Police in a better light.

Vision – Peace and fulfillment of mankind’s potential

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